Our Process

It’s said that great branding is great story telling. We couldn’t agree more. Our goal is to help define your story and clearly tell it to your audience. To do this properly, we take the time to learn about your goals, your market and what makes your story compelling.

Branding is about creating an emotional and meaningful connection with your audience. It’s about big picture thinking and long term planning. It’s about creating a meaningful story and telling it consistently. When executed properly, the results can be incredibly impactful. Award winning creative is not enough to make a brand. The value of your brand comes from the strategic thinking and planning that takes place well before the design process begins. A great brand strategy can go well beyond increased sales. It can guide your whole organization. Over time we have streamlined our process to get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. Our process consists of two phases, discovery and craft.


In the discovery phase of our process we develop a comprehensive brand strategy based on your input, research and competitive analysis. It’s a very collaborative process meant to define your brand’s personality and story. It will set the parameters for how your creative should look and how your marketing and sales programs should be executed. Over time it will optimize your spending and leverage past marketing initiatives with new ones. In short, it can save you money while making you money. We believe that creating a brand strategy is the most critical step in creating a successful brand.

Creating a brand strategy
  • Discovery
  • Market research
  • Competitive research
  • Determine points-of-difference
  • Determine demographics and segmentation
  • Determine primary messaging
  • Present the brand strategy


The concept of craftsmanship is something we take very seriously as designers. It’s at the core of our own brand; a constant reminder to always strive to do better. It’s an ongoing process that we completely embrace and apply to all of our work.

With an approved brand strategy we have the blueprints to craft the most effective creative possible. There can be more than one right answer to a creative project and we try to present a range of options to help vet the strongest choice. We have a very collaborative process with multiple internal reviews before we present any work. Every option presented will meet your marketing goals and align with your brand strategy. We make sure that the creative has longevity and functions as it should.

  • Effective design
  • Engages customers
  • Meets marketing goals
  • Fulfills the brand strategy
  • Builds on existing branding
  • Cost effective
  • Excedes expectations
  • Return on investment

We are a “brand strategy first” agency and save the egos, personal preferences and opinions for our own projects. All the creative choices we make are based on carefully considered business decisions. We understand that you are engaging us to increase revenue and build your business. We don’t take that responsibility lightly.

We would love the chance to answer any questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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We have placed key files in this section for download to help you learn more about us, our process and our craft.

  • Creative Samples

    A small curated sample of our award winning creative.

  • Creative Brief

    Please download our creative brief to help you gather your ideas and focus your project.